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A collaborative digital innovation platform.

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Join all the people who have discovered the power and flexibilty of Phlex! Enjoy the power of a collaborative digital innovation platform that intergrates cutting edge technology with easy to use hardware.

Be secure with us

We offer measures like 2FA, SSO, and PCI to ensure that the safety of your data remains intact.

Sell all over the world

Making your Phlex inventory available online to anyone anywhere in the world is as simple as a mouse click.

Use from anywhere

Run Phlex as a POS, Kiosk, Digital display, or back of house device like KDS.

Generate invoices

When delayed payment is required you can create, manage and publish invoices to your customers.

Publish events

Create events and publish custom event pages where customers can buy tickets for your event.


Never give your credit card over the phone again. PhlexPay provides a safe and easy way to pay for services.

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Hardware experience

Our devices feature state of the art self-service capabilities that allow any station in your enterprise to also function as a kiosk.

  • Run on any device
  • Function as kiosk when cashier is not present
  • Beautiful and Eye-Catching
  • Run ads when not in active use

The PHLEX software experience

More than 30 years of user experience research and enterprise architecture knowledge by thought leaders in the areas of digital transformation, retail innovation, and user experience design has been poured into the PHLEX platform software capabilities.

  • Built with open APIs
  • Collaborative
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Document management
  • Collaboration + chat
  • Higly pluggable
  • Secure
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About Us

The Phlex platform is a place where your team comes together to deliver a seamless and powerful retail experience to your customers. Use Phlex to interact with suppliers, analyze sales data, and coordinate activites accross all your stores and much more.

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